A Guide to Dating Lyon & Healy "Own Make" Instruments

This list is based on an information base of over 60 Lyon & Healy brass instruments which are engraved either "Own Make" or "Duplex/Own Make", from the establishment of the factory in 1896 until the largest known serial number. L&H also stencilled instruments extensively, so this index is only limited to the instruments made in their own factory. Following the list are the facts and assumptions that were used in creating it.

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For more information, go to the Detailed Record of Lyon and Healy "Own Make" Instruments. This page lists known and reported L&H "Own Make" instruments as a service to those researching Lyon & Healy. The source of the information is listed, and wherever possible, the serial numbers have also been verified visually.

Lyon & Healy "Own Make" brass instruments made in Chicago

1896 1
1897 26
1898 76
1899 176
1900 376
1901 676
1902 1176
1903 2176
1904 3426
1905 4776
1906 6226
1907 7776
1908 9326
1909 10876

Notes On Creating The Above

 - Mike Keller

Starting with the L&H stated manufacturing start date of 1896 (1) and using the dates assigned to cornet # 556 (2), which still has the L&H certification by Jules Levi dated 6/12/1901, and cornet 4029 (3), a presentation instrument engraved 9/10/1904, the above dates were extrapolated. Starting with 1896, each following year was doubled up to the 1901 date, representing an enterprise start up. By using the total production between 1901 and 1904 to define a production average, and continuing with new production expansion through 1904, these numbers were then computed. Finally, a levelling off was assumed, which would lead L&H to alternately source their brass instruments until they once again entered brass manufacturing by buying one such company, the Couturier Co, which had gone into receivership in 1923 (4). The last currently available serial number is 11013, which suggests that of this period of manufacturing may have ended in 1909 (5).

Lyon & Healy was assigned patents by J.J. Neumann for:

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