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note: This listing is intended to include only out of production mouthpieces.

Instrument Shank Maker Model Image Comments
Breton model Breton | Brevete sgo8 | A. Paris|
Dobie AirChamp The Dobie mouthpiece was patented in 1942 by Joseph W. Dobie of Grove City.
Leeder Unknown what size this mouthpiece is.
Alto Horn Elkhorn Large for even most alto horns
Alto Horn Guilbaut Made by Guilbaut for Couesnon

Guilbaut was the inventor of the Rayee = grooved throat mouthpiece. Manufactured by Couesnon.
Alto Horn Keefer 2
Alto Horn Kessels
Alto Horn Lyon-Healy 52 Presumably this is the mouthpiece supplied with a Lyon-Healy Own Make Alto horn.

Marked 52

Made by Lyon & Healy
Chicago U.S.A.
Alto Horn Martin 14 1940s-50s
Alto Horn Peeters
alto horn Reynolds
Alto Horn York 62 1928-35
Cornet Small
cornet Flat rim and deep V cup
Cornet Small 4
Cornet Bellaire 25
Cornet Benge
  • Mouthpiece stamped "Benge" and "Chicago" with no other markings of any kind.
  • Only a couple of these are known to exist.
  • Plays much like a Schilke 9.
Cornet Cauffman 1K Radially Asymmetric
Cornet Conn 5
Cornet Standard Conn EZ Tone
Cornet Conn Visible
Cornet Conn Wonder 19
Cornet Couesnon 1 rubber rimmed EMBOUCHURE RAYEE, GUILBAUT BTE. S.G.D.G., AVEC BORD SOUPLES, SYSTEME JB. CARR BTE. S.G.D.G. (then 2 hands locked in a handshake) COUESNON ET CIE, 94 RUE D'ANGOULEME, PARIS

Guilbaut was the inventor of the Rayee = grooved throat mouthpiece. Manufactured by Couesnon.
Cornet Distin 2
Cornet Doelling
Cornet Frank 10
Cornet Frederick
Cornet Getzen Deluxe
Cornet Heald 3 From c.1900 John Heald cornet, Springfield, MA
Cornet Holton Made in Chicago, approx. 1902 to 1918.
Size variations:
  • Numbers 2, 6, 10, 27, and 30 (probably others)
  • Finish variations: Silver and gold
  • Other variations: Many are smooth where this one is knurled.
Cornet Holton Made from approx. 1918 to 1930, possibly later.
  • Sizes 1 and 2, possibly others.
  • Silver and gold finish.
  • Early examples stamped "Frank Holton Chicago" on shank.
  • Later examples stamped "Frank Holton & Co." near rim.
Cornet Holton 72A
Cornet Standard Holton 7C Probably made in the 50s or 60s. Almost certainly made in Elkhorn, WI
Cornet Holton Heim Made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin after about 1930.
  • Named after Gustav Heim, who presumably worked with Holton to design this line of mouthpieces.

  • Numbers 1 and 2 (no others observed yet).

  • When packaged with a trumpet, an adapter (as shown) would be included.

  • The Holton Heim mouthpieces of this style do NOT have screw rims.

Cornet Holton Reverlation
Cornet Keefer 0
Cornet Kessels
Cornet Martin 3 1910s-1920s 0.6602" / 16.77mm inner diameter and 0.5608" / 14.24mm cup depth
Cornet Mathey Labeled "A E Mathey 62 Sudbury St Boston"; he had a shop here c.1918-1925 specializing in making mouthpieces.
Cornet Nuss 3
Cornet Parduba 4 1/2
Cornet Pepper
Cornet Pepper
Cornet Pepper Rayee Guilbaut 2 The really unique aspect of this mouthpiece is its throat, which is nor drilled round, but has been hand-cut in the shape of a heptagon. The throat is a perfect seven sided shape with a cut entering into the cup from the apex of each of the seven sides. You can just make them out in the photo of the cup.

Guilbaut was the inventor of the Rayee = grooved throat mouthpiece. Manufactured by Couesnon.
Cornet Rudy Muck 13c
Cornet Rudy Muck Cushion Rim 13C
Cornet Selmer
Cornet Tompkins Tompkins & Son, Northhampton
Cornet Utrechtse
Cornet Whaley-Royce Adjustable
Cornet White 0 1/2
Cornet York A
Cornet York Couturier B B was a size designation. It has a contoured rim that was Couturier’s trademark. Dates to 1918.
French Horn Breton Breton
Brevete SGDG
a Paris
mellophone Conn Conn-Mellophone
mellophone Courtois
Mellophone Herco
Mellophone Holton 18.5 mm diameter cup, deep V, cornet shank.
Mellophone Schenkelaars Also in use for Natural Horn
mellophone White 30
Mellophone York 12
trombone Small
trombone Arthur Pryor's mouthpiece
trombone Pearl Rim
trombone Standard 55
Trombone Almont Make played by Tommy Dorsey
trombone Besson B10
trombone Boston
trombone Boston
trombone Buescher 21
Trombone Buescher 47A True Tone
Trombone Coast 11C Made in Germany
trombone Comfo-Rim Sure Mervin Gold It is reported that this mouthpiece was made as a joke, and referenced Bill Crow’s "Jazz Anecdoates" as documentation
trombone Conn Conn-Baritone 2
Trombone Conn Conn-Innes
trombone Standard Conn Conn-Simon
trombone Conn Visible
Trombone Couesnon
trombone Standard Couturier M
trombone Standard Distin 3
Trombone Distin 3 Short 2.75 in Tenor horn
Trombone Distin 5 Short 3 in, Euphonium
Trombone Dobie AirChamp rim: approx. .9375, rim width: approx. .3125.
Trombone Giardinelli 6D Screw Rim
Trombone Giardinelli 6D
Trombone Standard Guilbaut Grooved throat
trombone Heald
Trombone Herco
trombone Standard Holton
Trombone Holton Stamped:
Frank Holton

French shank (very small trombone shank).
trombone Standard Holton 14
trombone Standard Holton 82A
trombone Standard Holton Miller
Trombone Small Keefer Keefer Simon 2 24.5mm wide
Trombone Kessels
Trombone King 11M
Trombone King 31 Two examples, older version on the left
trombone Standard King M21
Trombone King Ross Adjustable Bass trombone mouthpice
Trombone King Ross Lon Norman Adjustable
Trombone Mahillon first part of the shank is cylindrical
Trombone Shank Maker Model
Trombone Shank Maker Model
Trombone Martin
Trombone Martin
trombone Olds 12C
Trombone Olds 3
Trombone Olds 3? This mouthpiece came with a 1947 Olds Ambassador trombone.
Trombone Parduba 3 Screw Rim
trombone Pepper Pryor Pryor Model' stamped on the outside of each cup. 'J.W. Pepper. Phila.' on the shank of the mouthpiece on the left. 'J.W. Pepper & Son. Phila.' on the shank of the mouthpiece on the right. Mouthpiece on the right has a wider rim. Cup shapes, depths and diameters are about the same.
Trombone Pettinato John "Peppy" Pettinato
Trombone Reinhardt 3X WEB Site
Trombone Salvation Army EESI-LYP G-Bass mouthpiece
trombone Sansone
Trombone Selmer Bolero 6
trombone Utrechtse
Trombone Vega V27
trombone White Equa-tru trombone 28
trombone Wurlitzer
trombone York 14
trombone York 5
Trombone York Al-tru
Trombone Zottola Port Chester Stepped back bore
trumpet Small
Trumpet Parillo
  • Mouthpiece is stamped "PARILLO MODEL" with no other markings of any kind.
  • This one is gold plated.
  • Styling is very, very similar to Holton Heim.
  • Plays much like a Holton Heim Model 1, but has a slightly smaller throat.
  • Modern shank (not a Heim shank).
    • If you know who made the "Parillo Model" mouthpiece, or who/what "Parillo" refers to, please let me know.
Trumpet Amati R1M
Trumpet Benge
  • Mouthpiece stamped "Benge" with no other markings of any kind.
  • Plays exactly like the "Chicago Benge" cornet mouthpiece also posted to this database.
  • Styling appears to be like the "Chicago Benge" trumpet mouthpieces.
  • Styling does not appear to be like "LA Benge" trumpet mouthpieces.
  • Styling is somewhat similar to the Benge-made Claude Gordon mouthpieces.
  • If anyone can shed some light on where and when this mouthpiece was made, please let me know.
Trumpet Boston From c.1920 Boss-Tone trumpet
Trumpet Boston From c.1922 Three Star trumpet model 11
Trumpet Buescher 6A Commonly sold with Bueschers of the 1920s
Trumpet Buescher 6B Commonly sold with Buescher trumpets from the 1920s.
Trumpet Commander Mello Cup 1
Trumpet Conn
trumpet Standard Conn EasyPlay
Trumpet Conn Symphony
trumpet Standard Conn Visible
Trumpet Corton Engraving reads Cor-Ton Made in Czech.
Trumpet Couesnon
Trumpet Couesnon
Trumpet Couesnon 6
Trumpet Couesnon Brigadier 2
trumpet Fitzall
Trumpet Frank 21 Heavy mouthpiece with very small, shallow cup and wide rim.
Trumpet Franklin
Trumpet Giardinelli 3M
Trumpet Grey Autocrat 17
Trumpet Holton Made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Available in silver and gold plate finish.
  • Very heavy when compared to a "normal" trumpet mouthpiece.
Trumpet Holton Made in Chicago, no other markings. Deep V-cup. Standard shank, but overall length is slightly longer than a modern mouthpiece.
Trumpet Holton Stamped:
Frank Holton & Co.

Mouthpiece is the same length as a modern mouthpiece, but does not correctly fit a standard receiver.
The shank seems to fit the same early Holton receivers that the Heim mouthpieces fit. (At least it fits in every such trumpet I have.)
Trumpet Holton Marked "Frank Holton & Co." No other markings or size indication. Appears to be standard length, and fits standard receivers.
Trumpet Holton Stamped "HOLTON", no other markings of any kind.
trumpet Standard Holton 63A
Trumpet Holton Collegiate This one is gold plated, but was certainly available in silver plate as well.
Trumpet Holton Collegiate
  • Appears to have been made from the same blanks that were used for the Heim mouthpieces.
  • Probably made in the 40s at the Elkhorn plant.
  • Modern shank (not a Heim shank).
Trumpet Holton Galaxy Appears to have been made from the same blanks that were used for the Heim mouthpieces. Probably made in the 40s at the Elkhorn plant. Modern shank (not a Heim shank).
trumpet Small Holton Heim
Trumpet Holton Heim FrankHolton Heim model 1 1940
Trumpet Holton Heim This set was found in the case with a 1916 Holton trumpet. No reason to believe it was not "born" there.
  • Named after Gustav Heim, who presumably worked with Holton to design this line of mouthpieces.

  • The cornet cup is stamped "FRANK HOLTON CHICAGO." The trumpet cup is stamped "FRANK HOLTON."

  • With the rim installed, the trumpet mouthpiece is roughly equivalent to the 1930s, Elkhorn-era Heim Model 1.

  • The cornet mouthpiece, with the rim installed, is deeper than the trumpet mouthpiece.

  • Does not appear to include any equivalent for the later Heim Model 2.

  • Included an adapter (as shown) such that the cornet mouthpiece could be used with the trumpet.

  • The trumpet mouthpiece and the adapter both fit the Holton Heim receiver and do not correctly fit modern trumpet receivers.
Trumpet Jay
trumpet Standard Jay Screw Rim
Trumpet King 7K
trumpet Standard Lenherr MAN'F'G AND PAT'D FEB. 15 1910 BY H.L. LENHERR MERCERSBURG PA
trumpet Standard Martin 10
Trumpet Martin 7
Trumpet Martin 7
Trumpet Mathey Made by Alcide Edward Mathey, 62 Sudbury St Boston, c.1918-1925; he was listed as a mouthpiece specialist
Trumpet Olds 27
trumpet Standard Parduba 5
Trumpet Schenkellars 7C
Trumpet Schindler
Trumpet Selmer 4 Selmer made in France 4
Trumpet Selmer Special 4
Trumpet Utrechtse Provided with an Eb bugle
trumpet Standard Vega 2
Trumpet York Al-Tru 44
Trumpet Zottola Port Chester Stepped backbore
tuba Small
Tuba Conn Chief
Tuba Conn GEib
Tuba Conn Giant Eb
Tuba Conn Helleberg Early Model Cup stamped "H" Shank stamped "Conn BBb" Early Conn Helleberg mouthpieces made by hand and were subject to the vagaries of tool sharpness templates hand operations etc. Some played better than others. Some were smaller some were larger within a tolerance and often worked best with particular horns. Early tuba virtuosi identified and obtained superior copies. Those that played well extended their magic qualities to the entire genus. That added to the fact the early copies were easily identified by their profile led to to the value of all such mouthpieces models skyrocketing regardless of how they play. Added to that fact the idea that they are not making that particular version any more which always adds perceived value.
Tuba Conn Helleberg from 1930s
Tuba Conn S Eb Tuba
Tuba Conn Special
tuba Conn Visible
tuba Distin
Tuba Elkhorn
Tuba Grey John Autocrat 17
tuba Standard Herco Professional
tuba Holton
tuba Standard Imperial
tuba Standard Keefer
tuba Standard King 26
Tuba Koeder Made by TM Koeder of Naperville, IL He had a shop there from 1920-1971
tuba Leeder
Tuba Mahillon
Tuba Mathey Alcide E Mathey (1862-?) had a shop at 62 Sudbury St, Boston c.1918-1925 and was listed as a mouthpiece specialist.
Tuba Meinl-Weston 81
Tuba Small York 19 York and Son
tuba York 70

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