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A Forum dedicated to gaining knowledge about all brands of antique, obscure and out of production brass instruments of all ages

Whether you are an historian, an accomplished musician, a gifted amateur, a part-time dabbler or former player in a school band; whether you are a serious collector, a player of an old instrument or an inheritor of a family heirloom; it is hoped that this site will be of use to you, for the purpose of finding out the date of manufacture and other details about your instrument.

Information has been gathered through the Forum since its inception, and the forum will continue to be a place for discussing matters pertaining to brass instruments, but it has been too successful in that the material collected is too extensive to be efficently managed exclusively in the forum format.

So, in the interests of greater organization and useability, this page will serve as a portal to the various collections, projects, and tools contained within Horn-u-Copia.

Horn-u-Copia's first goal is to collect information about every brass instrument maker, as well as one picture of every model produced by that maker. Similarly, information and examples from the major dealers are collected as well.

To support accomplishment of its mission, Horn-u-Copia has also developed several tools and collections to assist in the identification of instruments; including the Library of catalogs and other documents, serial number lists, tradenames, taxonomy, searches and related information.

Finally, the forum has always been and will continue to be an open ended format for members to talk about ideas and issues related to brass instruments, and many of the tools have developed from initial conversations on the forum.

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