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European blue felt or
Conn barrel-spring pistons

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You may have seen this
Sep 10th, 2023 at 4:00pm
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Per Kenton's suggestion, here's another neat tool: based on Vennture Mouthpiece "VennCAD" software have been very useful, helping me and others see just how different aspects of trumpet & brass instrument mouthpieces impact performance.  In particular, seeing the backbore scan is useful since I can't always visually determine what the size/shape are by looking at the piece, versus looking at the cup.  Proof is always in the playing, but this helps reinforce the different parts.

It also contributes to the historical record, illustrating some design aspects used [or indicating poor quality control!].  Perhaps the missing piece is a small info-box discussing the provenance and background of the piece scanned, plus a few photos to illustrate just what it is - i.e. different lettering on Bach mouthpieces, external profiles, tool marks, etc.  It's more time, effort, and data space required, but Horn-u-copia stores the images!

The other initial shortcoming is that HUC is for all sorts of brasses, but Trumpet.Cloud is only cornet, flugelhorn, trumpet, and mellophone...
[I tried submitting some alto/tenor to supplement the two Kanstul scans, but was told those are just for completeness of backing up Kanstul's old you'll have to disguise your alto/tenor pieces as mello].

Just an idea, but it can be applied to leadpipes, bells, piston cross-sections, and more...
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