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This section of the WEB site is designed to present the material that has been learned about the various brass instrument makers from around the World. And, is organized by Maker's names.

No real distinction is being made between Makers and Dealers. (A maker being an entity that produces instruments, while a dealer simply markets instruments.) The interrelationships between dealers and makers is exceedingly complex, and some companies are both dealers and makers at various times in their history. Additionally, some dealers were very involved in defining the products upon which they put their name. Others were not so particular.

At the bottom of each page, is a play where you can add information you may possess about the Maker. It is our desire to make this information as complete as possible. However, this is not the location to ask questions or wax on about your favorite cornet. Those types of conversations are better suited to the Forum.

Also, please note that the side bar contains additional information, instrument, lists, etc. relating to the displayed maker.

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