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Using as a Guest
Jan 8th, 2009 at 3:59pm
As a Guest, you will able to see a very small portion of the Forum.  However, if you simply want to look up a particular instrument, you may use:

But, please be aware that as a Member you will have access to a number of categories, boards, topics and discussions.

Some of the Categories are:

An alphabetical listing of Manufacturers, with history, examples of their products and discussions

Reviews, Evaluations, Compairisons




So, if you are interested in vintage, obscure and out-of-production instruments, please become a member.

Registered users have the ability to post messages to the forum.

Registered users, are allowed to customize the display and collapse those sections that they don’t wish to scroll through.  Additionally remembers which topics the Registered use has already read, and marks then with a “cornet at rest”.  New postings are marked with a “cornet at the ready”.  The cornet will signify new postings even if the category is collapsed.

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